Arm Pre-Surgery

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

Here is the Kare Bear’s arm before surgery:

(notice Westchester DWS mecca in the background)



Great day for checking out the quarry. Got 7 ticks (5 attached, none on sac). Boulders were not too good, but at least the hiking conditions were perfect:


People, the damn season is over. I am turning on the AC and locking myself inside. Stop trying to make me go look for rocks and  climb them. Kary is the designated hiker/searcher for the next 6 months. Find us some sweet new shit for the fall, man.

Meanwhile, new clip up on Big UP, and a lot more work to do here.

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miss u

Thursday, June 25th, 2009


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a moment of silence for kary’s left bicep please

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

so today the bear, kare bear, kary williams, and I, went to the new zone, to mess around on some ridiculous lowball undercling start project. Temps were great, perfect for a smooth, slick, glassy undercling pinch, 77 degrees, and a  million percent humidity.  whatever, it was the 3rd dry day this month.  I dug it out, and we proceeded to squeeze with all our might to pull a centimeter off the ground and fall back down.   It was a sick session.

Next we moved on the the SALO SALAD TOSS, v8 or 9, probably v2+.  Kary got the coveted second ascent of this amazing line.  We worked the sit, pretty cool actually, for a pile of lowball BULLET WHITE GNEISS.

Anyways, we were sick of not climbing much, so we headed to the gym.  Upon arrival, we popped some ibu’s, and set to work on the new problems on the 45.  OR THAT WAS THE PLAN.

Unfortunately, the yellow lightning bolt v7, had other plans.

Kare bear, cruised the first part, neglecting to use the super legit toe hook concotion of doom and powered thru in typical bear style to the top.  During the final crushing cross to the finish, he mustered enough power to


Immediately it was apparent as Kary fell that he had damaged himself severely.  During his fall, he was seen examining his bicep and elbow to make sure his arm hadn’t snapped in half.  Upon reaching the ground, I knew we were going to the hospital.

Friends, here is the ruptured damage:


Yes, 6 hours later, we left before the orthopedic surgeon came to see us.  The multiple helicopter visits was a tip off to how busy a night it would be at westchester medical.  He’ll have to go tomorrow, this will require surgery.



My suggestion to my friend, graft tissue from the right arm, it seems to be healthy:


At least it was Kary’s left arm, we all know what he can do with his right arm still, and thank god that new transformers movie is coming out tomorrow, Megan Fox and a percoset, mmm, you go friend.

Seriously though, heal my friend, strict PT therapy, return to 100%, blessings, good session today, before this disaster happened.

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Big sister

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Hi Friends.

Here is a gneiss new one from an after work special sesh with peaches last night.  It’s named big sister and is at the new zone cwinter.

Bad light, quick editing while at work, all contributed.  Peaches knows how to get there.

Finally sent the triple x pink problem in the gym last night! PSYCHED!

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More NW CT Bump

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

Someone may have more time on their hands than Suckhands…

For those too lazy, it looks to be a Jaeger fanboy cut and pasting his favorite quotes and 8a comments into a blog.

I thought the internet couldn’t get any gheyer, then i see this…

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Passing The Torch

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

I’m Pretty Much Done, But The Next Generation Lowell Takeover Continues…





We each got two deer ticks, all part of the process of chasing after Papa’s unfulfilled dreams of glory….

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Saturday, June 13th, 2009

After a long night of drinking and drunk dialing 10 of our closes friends, like a bunch of girls, Icey and I checked out the boulders of NW CT. We met up with my friend Dan Yagmin and a viking named Leaf. First stop was a lone boulder that was hands down the best quaility of gniess in New England. We both did the Unknown V7 and I dispactched the Foundation Arete V8, both dope problems. Then we headed to a problem i’ve wanted to do since I first saw it in the archives of, Stings Like a Bee V8. Should have flashed but i punted and sent a few tries later. Lastly, we checked out a newer boulder. Icey did this badass V5 called Autumn to Ashes and i tried Slice V10 but couldn’t pull it of this round. Round 2 you’re mine. Conditions were far from ideal but we managed to have a great day!

Burg working HydroCloud V9/11.

NW CT from paul jung on Vimeo.

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who to beat down first?

Friday, June 12th, 2009

tim for letting someone drunk dial me on his fone?

the idiot that gave you guys enough winecoolers to get drunk at oasis.  decisions decisions…

shit, gotta give jamma a bath first.


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Ze Dabtronix Crew vs NYC Choss via Fixies

Friday, June 12th, 2009

dabathon 2008 from EM on Vimeo. heres a video of the nyc dabtronics crew climbing ALL the NYC choss in 1 day via bikes via no pads. sickburwd. yearly event? think it might be… WILL BRING YOU UP TO DATE INFO ON THIS YRS DABATHON-FEST. 

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Now for the Famous Internet Meme, “The Gravity Brawls” via UTubez

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

  it was a good time had for sure. for more super fun comp actions, come out to salt lake in july for the send fest. thatll be a good time too. 

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