New HAWT V13 Action!!!

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

you bishes have no clue!!!

Tim vs Weatherman from paul jung on Vimeo.

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spray spray VAPORS spray spray

Monday, July 27th, 2009

New Scarpa Vapors for 2010.


Psyched to check them out. That’s all folks.

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Good News

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

In its June 10th town meeting, the Rosendale town board approved the sale of the Waterworks parcel to the Open Space Institute (OSI). A 30-day period for public petitioning of the sale closed on July 17. The closing is expected to occur within the next several months.

Following an expected transfer by OSI to the Mohonk Preserve, a planning process for the Waterworks will be developed by the Preserve considering community, environmental, and recreational interests. A projected opening date for the Waterworks pending completion of all of these developments remains to be announced.

The bouldering moratorium also remains in effect.

GCC BoD – 7/23/2009

fb.jpg   bd.jpg  f0xv3xptrc_fox.jpg

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Putnam county lowballs debut – scene 1, 1st of the mini-series, 5 mins of KING PEACH

Monday, July 20th, 2009

bishes, basically, you have no clue.

so hot right now, so humid, so cute, so buggy, so manly.

sickest new mods this side of the mississippi. enjoy.

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putnam county lowballs – new vid endeavor

Friday, July 17th, 2009

friends, i’m looking for support on a new video project, putnam county lowballs.  please come climb with me tomorrow afternoon to help the cause.  i believe this is futuristic and could be the next big (yet small) thing.  first filming session will be sat, july 18th, cwinter parking lot, 3 pm.  directions are in the salo salad toss vid post.

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Mutation Training

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Our friend, and route manufacturer extrordinare, Frank Tkac really thinks that training at Kingston will lead to mutation. Now, I’m not sure if its because there’s some secret government atomic dumping grounds underneath the crag, or if pulling on pockets lengthens your tendons making them stronger, or if because there’s no friction there and you have to rely on your contact strength, or if its just a really good outdoor gym with hard fun climbing, but it is a great place for a quick session for mutation training. People get excited to do a route in one hang on top rope here. I know I do. So here’s some photos from last nights Kingston session which may or may not have been the buggiest place on earth last night.

(click to make bigger)

Andy sent Blitzkrieg yesterday, despite the wet sidepull, loose rock at the top, and spaciously placed 4th bolt.

Me on Blitzkrieg. I was not as badass as Andy. I managed getting through the crux, and then grabbing a draw. LAME.

Scott, also on Blitzkrieg. He had a good run before screwing up his feet and failing to sink the crux mono. I have faith that if he would have watched Andy float it like 3 more times, he probably would have flashed. He need more of the betas.

Nyle, swinging around on Colors. Once he finally listened to us giving him the right foot sequence he actually did the crux move. If he would have only believed….

Nicole, monoing on colors. She’s strong.

It’s sad that all I can think about are my top rope projects at Kingston. Don’t want to go out west and leave them. Maybe there is some sort of other kind of mutation happening, whether for good or bad. Nyle is heading back today and will give us LIVE, UP TO DATE REPORTS of his top rope projecting of 13b.

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More Drilled Pockets…

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Here’s some photos from a recent session at Kingston… You know… That place with all those chipped/poorly maintained routes AKA our local outdoor gym. Local guidebook/route manufacturer/oldman/hardman Russ Clune dropped by to run laps on our projects… AGAIN.

(click photos to make them BIGGER)

Andy on Prime Real Estate, several moves before the crux that shuts him down EVERY time. Russ seemed to make this move look really easy.

Icey PROJECTING the warmup to avoid mowing Russ’s lawn.

Whit, trying not to make her fingers EXPLODE  on Foreign Supplement, after having had a terrible wake boarding accident.

Stay tuned for more photos Tuesday night after another Kingston session …

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Double Down

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Here is a video of Dave Buzzelli sending Dan Yagmin’s Double Down V13 in Great Barrington, MA. I’ve been sitting on this short footage for sometimes now. Waiting for the next issue of Urban Climber to release which will include a short about Dave’s send. So check out the next issue of UC coming out very soon. Enjoy!

Double Down V13 from paul jung on Vimeo.

List of how to send V13
1-never send v10, v11 or v12
2-turn 40 years old
3-have 0 footwork skills
4-have more psyche than anyone else on the planet
5-do it in a way no one says it can be done
6-destroy your finger so you can never climb again

Great job old man. For REALZ!

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Important Waterworks Meeting!!!

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Taken from the Gunks Climbers Coalition’s Facebook Page:

“We have a situation with a public hearing in the town of Rosendale for the acquisition of the Rosendale Waterworks (bouldering area). We need as many climbers as possible to show up. Meeting is at 7 pm tomorrow night at the Rosendale rec center. Thanks! Please contact via contact info/web site at if you have questions.”

 Y’all. This is pretty important. This is one great reserves of Gunks conglomerate bouldering. Mohonk is close to obtaining this land and any help we can give them is well worth it. Please tell all y’alls friends to go to this meeting!

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Rope on High-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009




The Sting. FLASH in the face. Would be pink hearts taped route at the Cliffs.


gettin’ beta.


Our very own Petzl certified ropegun! Thanks Tim.

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