the mosquito

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

peaches and i went to chris winter last night, in the summer, 5 new problems on the mosquito wall.

here he is on the wall’s gem, the mosquito:

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T-Minus 4.5 Months…

Monday, August 17th, 2009

jason kehl on evilution

The Bird Flu and Teen Wolf will be traveling to the land of giant granite blocks in December. Now all we have to do is make sure the Bird Flu doesn’t get altitude sickness.

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some catskill shit………

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

went on friday. 2 cool problems. rest is kinda shit. koots will love it!

sideways1.jpg sideways climb shit

send1.jpg sending cool as shit arete

fail1.jpg fail and shit

assist1.jpg drew with the asshits

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Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Despite the oppressive heat and rain that we have been experiencing this summer, there has been plenty of TOP ROPING ACTION going on at the Gunks/Kingston/Andy’s Mom’s House. And it’s been great fun.Here’s Andy at the Sting wall, in a rainstorm/cloud via this past Sunday. Thought the cliff was wet? NOT ALL OF IT WAS, and we managed a group ascent of the Sting which clocked in at 5.11- A0 via the tram start via traversing in from the right on jugz. Then we TOP ROPED a sick 5ft dyno. This picture shows you ALL the glory of that memorable afternoon “UNDER MY UMMMM BERELLA ELLA ELLA ELLA A A A A.”
Andy at the Sting Wall

Next up on the TOP ROPING hit parade is the quarry. New comers to the quarry as of late are bouldering phenom and Albany homebro, Murphzorz, and our very own Secret Azn Man, and top rope belayer extrodinare, PJFOO.

Bros at Kingston

PJFOOOOOO TOP ROPED the shit out of the warm up. And then had to chill for like…. 2 hrs cause he was pumped. ITS COOL THOUGH. Cause he made easy work of the move on Prime Real Estate that shut Andy down for like… MONTHS.
Paul on 4 Women

Murphzorz also had “much great success” on the same move that pwnd Andy. PHOTO EVIDENCE:
Murph on PRE

While those Kingston Noob Fools (KNF) were working on all that stuff, Andy and I simulrapped off a tree on GriGris and cleaned off Ruin Time. Andy did a good job remembering the top sequence, which involved an A0 move off the top rope to the finishing jug. Great Success Andy!
Andy on Ruin Time

I also worked on Ruin time, which some how or another seemed to make my muscles look HUGE. But despite making my muscles “look” huge, they didn’t perform and I was only able to 2 hang at best this difficult boulder problem/sport route/top rope.
Tim on Ruin Time

And with that ends another photo post/blog about our love affair with TOP ROPING.Remember everyone, its Taco Tuesday…
Taco Tuesday

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