nicaragua glen

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Went to canadiana today; to climb polished limestone.  brushed up  black phoenix eagle scout, but couldn’t send.

Saw some booty dancin’ at Ripleys believe it or not that would make Tim jealous:

Made it back over the border politely,

that’s not a zit on my chin.

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super seconds

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Nice Job Icy on the Supertanker second ascent.

I was having trouble concentrating.

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uuuuuuuuuugggghhhhhhhhhhh…. paul made me do it.

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

ugh. it was a slow work day i guess. and i was excited about daft punk. *shrug*

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New mexi – sandstoners

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Here’s a couple of pix from my weekend NM trip.  Sandstone so good you can shake a stick at it, and its still solid.

beautiful pig

carpet bomber stand

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Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

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Monday, April 19th, 2010

So dunno if y’all noticed, but bass hasnt been updated frequently as of late due to some hacker embedding some bunk code in our site because we were using wordpress from like… 1987 or something. ANYWAYS, its all fixed now. and if you see this guy, tell him thanks. cause he fixed the site.

MOVING ON. Here’s an update on whats been goin on.

With all the A-Listers being injured and all, you would think that nothing would get done. and thats pretty close to the truth. we’ve had mad heads rollin up in the place. MPHC heads. Rochester Heads. Brooklyn Heads. Crusherlady heads. Dabtronics Heads. Jersey Heads. people is sendin left and right, kickin off the season in STYLE. Here are a few updates.

First and foremost, KOOTER, mr “oh im injured cause i set too much and my tendonitis is really flared up” sent two of his long term projects. super sized salo salad toss sans syrup (sssstss) and super tanker direct. while sssstss is a total lowball lip traverse pile, super tanker direct would be considered the complete opposite. heres a picture of the line, complete with tick marks and little sarah for size of scale:


Nyle has been making good on his promise to be a real team player and head out with the other non injured bros (ME, PIANKA, DREWZ) and is super close on super tanker. I heard he was going to go back out there and KARING BEAR/SPARTICUS BEAR/BRO BEAR was gonna spot him, but the last time we were out, he almost made him INJURED AGAIN BEAR because of the wicked falls he was making the Bear spot. We wish him and the Bear the best of luck on that team endeavor. Nyle also got slopy 746ths on crouching dragon. pretty neat Nyle! Pictures of Nyle P:

Nyle on Crouching

Nyle on Baby Hole DIRECT

While Nyle seems to be doing nicely, mr indian chief himself has been on a sending SPREEEEEE lately. THE CLAW is in FULL FORCE right now. The Claw has dispatched Dose of Novicane, Gas Chamber, Glamorpuss, Dickslexia, Stop on a Dime, Harmonic Tremors, and Chaotic Stability. All in about two weeks worth of work. WTF. He also came close on Super Tanker, but fell repeatedly off the jug, claiming that KOOTER put the tick in the wrong spot, but I think he just couldn’t man up and hold on. LAME. Here’s some PHOTO EVIDENCE OF SENDS (sorta):

Jason, getting ready to send Glamorpuss

Jason in send mode on Gas Chamber

MIKE PIANKA has been makin it out regularly as part of the evening “TEAM” sessions. Hittin up the Forge, the Trapps, the Martinez roof, and all the other spots he can get to after workin his 9-5 as a surveyer. After working with LAZERS all day I’d want to boulder too. Here’s Mike on the new uber classic Dickslexia, which if he can pull it together, and can manage to not fall of the top out for the 47th time, he will get the 5th! SICK.

Mike P on Dickslexia

BIG PAPA DREW had a baby. He has recently decided to get MAD CRUNK and destroyed a bathroom, ate a ton of rad food, and went to “release his inner all ages” at the Major Lazer show. And then do a photo shoot for Babybjorn. WHAT A COOOOOL DAD.




And as for me, I did a couple of stuffs. Ill just post one photo. THANKS FOR THE SPOTS FRIENDS.

As far as other BASSHEADS go, JOSH did Alchoholucaust, BLOWTHAR did Ideas and NBD, Lil Badger sent Cataclysm’s Edge in his undies, Lil Sarah did the majority of the moves on Gas Chamber and was a champ spotters spotter at the forge, Big Chris sent a whole bunch of crushin PBRs to his mouf, Big Andy sent a bunch of forms into Medicaid to get his finger fixed, and everyones favorite AZN bought a bunch of camaloops to go T.R.A.D. climbing. Tis been good all around already this season. The bar is even serving a choice beverage right now! We order them in 6 packs!

Last but definitely not least, the Gunks Climbers Coalition is putting together a Waterworks Fundraising Barbeque party thing and I think I am DJing. So if you want to come support a local group trying to get Waterworks open and you want to hear Mon Voyage Neon aka MAN BOY RAGE spin a whole bunch of dance tunes, check back for details. Party goes down on the 22nd of May and should be a nice time.


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Saturday, April 17th, 2010


Gunks Spring 2010 from paul jung on Vimeo.

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super-sized salo salad toss sans syrup

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

FINALLY BISHES. 21 moves of low-ball treachery.

check the send blurrr:

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b’s big flappa

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Big Tippa – flapper from John Koots on Vimeo.

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