Can’t stop Bloggin’…SE updated photo assault

As promised, some photos:


Alex the Sea Otter latching the Comet at Rocktown.  We quickly figured our new friend’s power animal was the sea otter for a variety of reasons, most notably of which were the manner in which he rolled over on his back and ate clams off his belly


The Orb…The FA of this was done many years ago by a SE local who discovered the line and worked it for many sessions.  To hide his efforts and discoruage other suitors, he would throw dirt, sticks and rocks on the rig after having cleaned all the chalk off.  Finally, having all but given up on it, he showed the line to a much stronger buddy of his.  This buddy flashed to very near the last move.  Gleaning beta and motivation from his friend’s near flash, SE local walked it next try.  Let this be a lesson: Share your projects….


Snowfox on a late afternoon send of Comet Center…Snowfox climbed really well all trip, despite not having climbed at all for two months.  She called it the Reminiscence Effect, but I think Snowfox’s climbing ability comes from the sun, like Vitamin D.  Sources are looking into this; I stand convinced.  When the sun was out Snowfox had endless energy and was quite giddy, able to give any problem multiple burns without rest. The minute the sun dipped behind a cloud or the horizon Snowfox’s regular shoes came back on and she would sit huddled and confused over by the crash pads, clutching a warm thermos of coffee. 


Though Wolverine climbed like his leg was caught in a trap, he did manage this pretty LRC highball called Deception.


One that got away: Tunnel Vision, Rocktown.  Despite focused and determined efforts, Snowfox was unable to sink her tiny teeth into the send.  The patient hunter vowed to return stronger and a few inches taller.


Contestants in the Gayest Man in the Universe competition, Wolverine and the Chimp


It was hotly contested, but the eventual winner was Chimp (Ronnie Jenkins); pictured here making the third ascent of Freedom Layback at Laurel

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  1. drewz Says:

    I don’t know Andy, you’ll always be the gayest man in my ass…er, book.

  2. slabdyno Says:

    take away his keyboard. it’s like he has an english degree or something.

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