Last year around this time, Bassheads voted/argued/discussed their ten favorite new lines of the year.  B3bouldering had a recent post on Colorado’s year and all the newness.  I was all “Our Shiz way BETTER”.  Let’s argue again…

Oh and at some point we need to update our lists

Not to plug my own work…but here’s my list: My top ten favorite new Gunks lines, in no order

1. Ideas are Bulletproof

2. Beer Club For Men

3. Egoterrorist

4. Alcoholocaust

5. Seraphim

6. Steppin Razor

7. Raccoon City Man

8. Sarah’s Unnamed kneebar problem…Its got three of ‘em.  And she flashed the FA.

9. Harmonic Tremors

10. ISRC (Instant Single Right Classic. A stretch? Maybe, but I really dig this problem)

Which others am I missing? If you stretched the list to include all of NY, then I would add JL’s Crisis to the list.

And what projects need to get done in ’09?  Freebird project, etc.

28 Responses to “2008…2009”

  1. BigAndy Says:

    checked out the gunks list…only two problems scratched off the unrepeated list and five scratched off the one repeat list. And now there is a ton more to add…

  2. sockhands Says:

    i demand photos of alcoholocaust or SCROOGE ON YOUR FACE!

  3. old man Says:

    Don’t forget Lactose Retarded, the Pearl necklace, Grim Chickens, and Glandular Expressions.

  4. old man Says:

    Almost forgot, Empire and This Mortal Tesla Coil. P.S. good luck on Buddha in ’09

  5. BigAndy Says:

    Who could forget those undeniable classics? Ultimate Nullifier? Ball Gag?
    My bad, maybe we need two lists…

    And yeah, 09 is the year buddha goes DOWN!!!

  6. drewz Says:

    Ribbed For Her Flesh-Hurt?

  7. BigAndy Says:

    list of best names??
    cause that means steppin razor is off the list
    perpendicular deaths (next to parallel lives)
    hyperchondrewac (Sp?)
    cerebral paulsy
    G spot Assis
    amazing chocobot hour

  8. BigAndy Says:

    the vine intervention
    regency elf

  9. freehole Says:

    NY boulder problem names FTW!

  10. drewz Says:

    YO, it’s “The Quick-Energy Chocobot Hour” and that shit is mad old, yet still on the list. How that?

  11. josh Says:

    cool. I should climb those. I would also like to submit the big cave line at bowling alley for 09 consideration.

  12. freehole Says:

    pinko and golden nugget. boz contributions

  13. drewz Says:

    I think for 09 we should all resolve to be nicer to Tim.

  14. drewz Says:

    Quit hacking my account, Tim.

  15. josh Says:

    How about a list of problems that you are embarrassed not to have done yet. I’ll start: Venus.

  16. freehole Says:

    i second that.

    maybe we should take some picture?

  17. optimistic Says:

    pictures would be nice. seeing as we all have cameras…

  18. BigAndy Says:

    09 bowling alley center cave>>> YES
    silver lake prowject as well

    embarrassed to say havent done:
    ring of fire
    double felix
    modular calculus

    and of course,
    chick power

  19. optimistic Says:

    embarrassed that i haven’t done:
    harmonic tremors
    gas chamber

    psyched to do:
    golden nugget
    ideas are bulletproof
    everything at waterworks

  20. slabdyno Says:

    i’m just embarassed.

  21. sockhands Says:

    u should be. mee too. my list of dismal failures hath been posted. the successes are pretty embarassing too.

    failed hard last night. fell ass first into kinda-frozen river slush. twice. least favorite teabag event evar.

  22. sockhands Says:

    now, force tim to post a photo for each of these or _______[insert skin crawling threat of the highest magnitude]_____________.

  23. slabdyno Says:

    oh yeh, my to do list:

    pink taped problem on right side of 45 in dihedral.
    purple/yellow stripe problem on 45
    red christmas tree problem on 45

    direct finish proj to supertanker
    proj right of mustard sauce
    armonk cave
    silver lake proj
    ideas are bullets
    sweet lips

  24. sockhands Says:

    to do: eye vag x10

  25. sockhands Says:

    seriously: all you bitches climb a million more days than i do and i assume many of you know where lowell lives, yet you cannot spring for a damn camera and/or steal one from josh and/or convince ds to shoot climbing shots.

    still, on the off chance that i actually climb, i have been fully capable of producing a million images of lowball choss from such session.

    conclusion: you all are vastly inferior at rock climbing than i since everyone knows it is not what you climb or how hard you climb, but how hard you spray media.

    i’m going to new jack city the gunks. it is mine now. you frittered its bounty on non-media sessions. now you must leave. forever. mine mine mine.

    with disgust

  26. optimistic Says:

    just chill till the magazine article comes out.

  27. drewz Says:

    what magazine article?

  28. slabdyno Says:

    tim did a playgirl spread – emo-erectus

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