I have this enormous desire to make more lists…

Maybe I have more in common with ppl with 8a cards than I realize…

Best find of 2009: Martinez cave.  Big props to Richie

Best problem name of 2009: Shake Hands with Beef, Super sized salo salad toss ( i love alliteration)

Best movie by a basshead in 2009: Progression

and finally, the top 10 new lines of ’09 in no order (for me, you fewls can add input)

1. Men at Work

2. Upper Decker

3. NBD

4. Cataclysm’s Edge

5. Frisbee

6. Gutshot

7. Neglected

8. Reaching For Rainbows

9. $1000 Dollar Schwapple

10. Grey Matter

Tell me why I’m wrong…

15 Responses to “I have this enormous desire to make more lists…”

  1. stuffedinurgirl Says:

    Big Andy…. I never thought you wrong, not even that time you told my mom, and Grandmom that a metaphor to having sex with you would be like putting yourself, legs spread, inside of a human sized paint can mixer, then positioning it over a large fire hydrant…..for months.

  2. Paul Says:

    best names: Megan’s BOX, Tampered Cooter

  3. BigAndy Says:

    another best name: blowing off my slamhound for a dude

  4. old man Says:

    best climber accident, big andy lighting himself on fire

  5. BigAndy Says:

    not old man getting spun out by an 18 wheeler?

  6. josh Says:

    + Bung Foo Panda

  7. Paul Says:

    Someone go add a new line to the roof and call it Dirty Martinez on the Rocks.

  8. old man Says:


  9. BigAndy Says:

    seriously glad you are ok though…for realz. Thst shit is serious

  10. Paul Says:

    What happened?

  11. slabdyno Says:

    i gots the shits

  12. slabdyno Says:

    don’t forget BINKY.

    if you can FIND IT BISHES!!!!

  13. EM Says:

    Silky Poodles aka Woodpeckers from Space.

  14. BigAndy Says:

    where/what the crap is that??

  15. EM Says:

    NYC Godstone.

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