I ordered…

one of these… Can’t wait to get HUGE!!!!!!!!1111

Gary told me to order this…said it has worked wonders for him.  Something about a rhinocerous

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  1. slabdyno Says:


    I thought I told you I personally already have something similar you can use, Tim, Paul, Drew, Mike, Josh, Brett, have all been using it a ton, and I think they’re all getting more jacked. I have no problem sharing. I’ll let you try it out the next time we carpool to jersey, there’s plenty to go around (though Tim has been hogging it…)


  2. BigAndy Says:

    really? that would be sweet! and save me some money too…better cancel my order. WORD

  3. Paul Says:

    i heard skiers use 2 of them to train over the summer.

    btw: you should see my arms……they’re so DIESEL these day!!!111!!

  4. old man Says:

    Gare bear got one with an end shaped like a torpedo. I don’t get it. He had to go to Plattsburgh today to get it.

  5. old man Says:

    Big Andy, make sure you only use it lefty…for balance

  6. Paul Says:

    I don’t think he even needs his hands.

  7. Special thanks to BassForYourFace for this… | Eastern Climber Says:

    [...] I peed my pants when I saw this.  I think Andy Salo posted it on BassForYourFace. [...]

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