Productivity. THE VIDEO:


Here’s a vid of most of the problems mentioned in the PRODUCTIVITY post. Lots of action, timelapses, swearing, failing, but lots of success, productivity, and perfect conditions.

Its perfect out there right now people. GO GET AFTER IT.

9 Responses to “Productivity. THE VIDEO:”

  1. stuffedinurgirl Says:

    As a Climber, I would have loved My Melty McFlurry to be inlcuded.

    Like A Sir!! ~¿º

  2. optimistic Says:

    unfortunately the footage was WAY blown out. it looked pretty awful actually. so sadly, we will just all have to climb that shitty problem AGAIN and film it AGAIN.

  3. slabdyno Says:

    hypercube? really? classic.

    couldn’t you clean some holds on the lower section though?

  4. old man Says:

    I loved the irony of V4+ in 2008.

  5. 2old2bold Says:

    Slice of Lip Traverse = choss pile, see flowchart!

  6. optimistic Says:

    old man, dont you have some 2000 mile race to run or something? CANT WE JUST LIVE IN THE PAST AND BE OK WITH IT? jeeze.

  7. optimistic Says:

    2old, i dont recall that the flow chart mentioned lip traverses in any way, shape, or form. as long as it wasn’t dug out or dabby or at lincoln lake, we are IN THE CLEAR.

  8. 2old2bold Says:

    Amend the flow chart please!

  9. slabdyno Says:


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