Whettin’ the Appetite for Activism

Waterworks from aleksandra shineleva on Vimeo.

May 22nd…Save the date

8 Responses to “Whettin’ the Appetite for Activism”

  1. Paul Says:

    Nice work friends!!!

  2. GK Says:

    Nice nice. If eet is not possible to attend the party, but one still wishes to donate to the cause, how does one go about thees?

  3. optimistic Says:

    you can donate at the Gunks Climbers Coalition site: http://gunksclimbers.org/rescuefund.shtml

  4. slabdyno Says:

    it is very upsetting to see ..

    tim crimping on that top out.

  5. drewz Says:

    Truly amazing. The place is closed for YEARS, and then Tim gets involved and it’s like KABOOM!!!

  6. Lithic Says:

    Sharing is caring.

  7. Open the Gates… | Eastern Climber Says:

    [...] plastered on DPM HERE, and on BassForYourFace HERE (video) and HERE (party info).  Now that you are all turned on from watching bouldering and reading about [...]

  8. BigAndy Says:

    Clearly Tim musta learned how to top out at Coopers Rock. That place is softer than the Charmin two ply I’m about to indulge in

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